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Halokee is a great electric longboard for those who want to cruise and coast easily around the city. With a top speed of 32 km/h (19 mph) at only 5.5 kg (12 lbs.), it’s a comfortable & powerful carving machine.

The long deck allows large smooth turns and absorbs all vibrations. The reverse kingpins trucks increases stability. The kicktail helps to get over and around any obstacle easily. The wheels are large and soft for maximum comfort on any surface. The motor ensures that the board glides silently and intuitively, even when coasting in free-wheel.

This unique electric board was designed to reproduce the feeling of surfing on a longboard.


    Performance Technology
    Modes : Eco | City | Sport
    Free wheel 500W single drive
    Speed : 15 | 25 | 32 Km/h
    Remote control (RF 2.4 GHz)
    Range : 15 | 12 | 8 Km
    Air Travel safe 90Wh lithium-ion battery with custom BMS
    Charging time : 90 min 2A charger
    Max load : 90 Kg 7 ply Canadian Maple deck 95 x 24,5 cm
    Max incline : 10%
    78a 83 mm ø high rebound PU wheels
    Splash proof : IP65
    150 mm CNC machined precision trucks
    Intuitive throttle control Wheel wells, concave, square tail and handle


    CEO Quentin introduces the Halokee 2019



    A classic longboard shape adapted to the large wheels and the power chain. Designed for smooth cruises on bike lanes.


    An efficient power system that holds and incredible amount of power in a small space and weight.


    Medium flex and large soft wheels to absorb vibrations but feel stable at high speed.


    A mode for every riding style. Manage your range precisely and select the torque that fits your needs.


    Halokee electric longboard
    Paired remote control
    2A charger
    Skate tool
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