The Hell-Wing Project ⚡️Saving Humanity from the Covid-19 ✈️

We put all our creativity and engineering skills to fight against Covid-19. We’ve been working hand in hand with Franky Zapata, since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis to create a new personal transportation vehicle that enables people to move and commute without taking the risk of catching the virus.

This morning we came up with the final Hell-Wing prototype, capable of flying a few feet above the ground at a speed that the virus can’t survive.



Inspired by Aladdin’s carpet and Marty McFly’s hoverboard, the Hell-Wing is a carbon/kevlar wing that can be fixed on any Elwing electric skateboard. Equipped with a Hydrogen propellant, it can fly at 20 ft high and 463 Mph - record to beat.

The project has been submitted to the European commission for urgent approval; we count on them for their responsiveness so that we can deploy it as soon as possible. We also have a Plan B. Less bold for sure, but has much greater chances to come to the world : It was actually born a few days ago ! It is a whole new vehicle that will definitely change the way people move through cities.

Check it out !