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What about replacement wheels?

The E1-500's durability has been tested and the wheels do not get damaged in a normal usage. All wheels will be available as spare parts on our website. The non-motorized wheels can be changed with any other standard 83mm wheels on the market. The motorized wheel will be available on our website as a spare parts. For mechanical safety and durability reasons, the motorized wheel is molded with the rotor. If you ever need to change the motorized wheel, you will be able to buy a new rotor with it.

Is the E1-500 waterproof?

The motor is waterproof. The whole board is splash-proof but not waterproof. Just like any skateboard, Elwing's bearings could also be damaged by water. We recommend you use your E1-500 just like you'd use any regular skateboard.

Where can I get replacement parts?

All replacement parts will be available on our online shop. All maintenance parts will be available through our customer service.

What is the rider weight limit?

We tested the hill limits (uphill climbing and downhill braking) and range using a 185 pound rider. Heavier riders will see a decrease in speed going uphill, but performance on flat ground won't change.

What is the warranty?

All board rewards will come with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects from the day you receive it.

Can I swap for my own deck? Can I just get a kit?

No. The deck is modified to fit exactly with the battery box and to have the exact right flex needed. Wheel wells have been designed to match with the wheels size to avoid any wheel bite, even during carving.

Can I push like a normal skateboard?

Yes you can. The in-wheel motor generates almost no drag so it just feels like riding a regular skateboard (unlike most of other electric skateboards that have a drive belt which produces a lot of drag).

Can I get more battery range?

For now we do not offer extended battery range. However if you kick-push twice when every time you start riding, you can save up to 40% of the energy the motor will consume.

Can I take the board in the plane?

The last regulation we are aware of allows the carriage of Lithium batteries which capacity do not exceed 100Wh. Our battery is a 90Wh Lithium battery so you can take it with you in the plane cabin. We do not take the responsibility to guaranty that our skateboards will always be allowed in the plane because regulations can change and the decision of accepting it is at the discretion of the airline.

Can I try an Elwing Board?

We are trying to organise demos as much as we can. At the moment we do demos in Bordeaux, Paris and Shanghai. If you are around, come visit us and try the board!