Free Your Commute

W're passionate about board sports and freedom. We're constantly looking to remove the constraints and frictions of our daily commute to make it exceptional. Our products are designed to increase the sense of freedom experienced while on the move.

We remove all non-essential intermediaries

We refocus the value chain on what really matters to the customer. No wholesaler, no import company, no communication, advertising or press relations agency. We cultivate a very low cost of acquisition and maintain consistent and transparent margins. This promise of frugality requires constant reinvention, digitalization of all facets of our business and removing everything that is not essential for our customers.

Our prices are good and stable all year long, we don't do temporary discounted sales. We multiplied our turnover by 5 in 2018, the day we decided to remove an intermediary (distributor) and lower our prices by 38%. Since then we have doubled our turnover every two years. Our growth continues to accelerate and our team is growing.

What sets us apart:

Direct distribution

Mainly direct distribution to naturally lower prices and make our products accessible to as many people as possible.

Innovative products

Innovative products designed by enthusiasts with input from users, tested and proven in real conditions. A direct relationship between designer and user, transparent, sincere and without additives.


A desire to shake up travel habits through a passionate, enlightening and friendly community.

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We attach great importance to keeping our commitments.

We make our products


We incorporate the latest technologies into our products and make them modular to maximize their utility and lifespan.


No compromise on safety, quality and durability.


We lower our prices thanks to the direct distribution & make our products accessible to as many people as possible.

We reduce our ecological footprint by


When the batteries of our products reach the end of their life, they are collected and recycled with our partner Corepile.

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We generally accept returns of already used products, which we refurbish and sell at a reduced price to give them a second life (under warranty).

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