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Elwing Boards was born the day Gaël and Quentin discovered they shared a passion and a pain : the passion for board sports and the pain of wasting 2 hours a day in their commute.

We built 10 prototypes from the very beginning and we sold them immediately to people we barely knew. Then we started to observe how they use it. These prototypes were ugly, heavy, bulky and fragile but they worked most of the time. We sold them at an expensive price so that the users would be demanding. And they were. After two years of prototyping, testing, observing, failing and learning, we finally managed to add that incredible glide feeling to their daily commute.

Elwing Boards designed a very uncommon electric skateboard. One that can handle high speeds, climb hills, but also do ollies, manuals, short turns, carving and fit on a backpack.

Based in Bordeaux France, we design the boards, ship in 3 days and service in 7 days in all European countries. We also have a drop point in Shanghai to control the whole manufacturing process.

We dedicate ourselves to turning urban mobility into good moments everyday.


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