Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport
Powerkit Sport

Powerkit Sport

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POWERKIT SPORT is the off-road version of the POWERKIT. Made for competition and leisure, the SPORT version is faster. Single drives can reach 32Km/h and Dual Drives reach 38Km/h.

The POWERKIT SPORT is not allowed in public areas. If you need to ride in public areas, please check the POWERKIT that is compliant with French Decree # 2019-1082 concerning the personal mobility devices. Please also verify if it is allowed in your country.

Introducing POWERKIT

POWERKIT is a fully customizable high performance electric skateboard.

It's the answer to people that love to ride several types of boards and be able to change setups easily. Pick a deck, combine it with the motors you want (Single or Dual drive), then choose the battery size you need. Batteries are removable with just a skate tool (1min) so that you can swap on the go keep riding forever.

All parts are available online so you can change your mind and upgrade whenever you want to a different deck, a more powerful or lighter board. Motor covers are easy to change and all setups are IP65 water and dust resistant.

Decks :

The Nimbus is strong, reactive, precise and playful. Made to take the most out of your city rides.

The Halokee is smooth and stable. Designed for sweet long beach cruises and endless dancing lines.

Motors :

Both Single and Dual drives are silent and allow to coast in free wheel. They are highly durable, easy to remove and the motor covers are serviceable in minutes.

Single Drive saves energy and weight. If you like cruising and don't need a strong torque to climb hills, you might like this option.

Dual Drive is the fastest and most powerful option. It will take the POWERKIT SPORT to 38Km/h with a sensational acceleration and braking.

Batteries :

The Standard battery is perfect for short daily commutes. It's lightweight so you can carry one or several in your backpack, but still offers up to 15 Km range.

If you're more into long rides you'll love the Long Range battery. You'll be able to ride for over 30Km on a single charge and double the distance by swapping on the go.

Specs :

    • Wheels : 90mm 83A high rebound PU Wheels.
    • Nimbus Deck : 830x255 mm. 7 plies Canadian Maple. Square kicktail, deep concave, carved wheel wells.
    • Halokee Deck : 955x244 mm. 7 plies Canadian Maple. Round kicktail, regular concave, carved wheel wells.
    • Remote : RF 2.4 GHz with 4 modes, LED battery gauges and vibrating alerts and micro USB charge plug.
    • Water resistance : IP65 dust and water resistant.
    • Single Drive : 500W in-wheel brushless motor with swappable covers. Up to 10% grade hills.
    • Dual Drive : 2x500W in-wheel brushless motors with swappable covers. Up to 20% grade hills.
    • Standard battery : 90Wh Lithium-ion with custom BMS. Air travel safe (IATA compliant). Regular charger : 90 min. Fast charger : 50 min.
    • Long Range battery : 216Wh Lithium-ion with custom BMS. Regular charger : 3h. Fast charger : 2h.
    • Max load : 100 Kg.

    In the box :

    • Assembled setup : deck, trucks, wheels, motors, controller
    • Battery
    • Synced remote control
    • Standard Charger (2A)
    • Skate tool
    • Instructions and quick-start guide
    • 1 year Warranty
    • Front and rear lights
    • Reflectors
    • Bell

    Setups Weight (Kg) Range (Km) Charging Top speed (Km/h)
    Nimbus Single Drive | Standard Battery 6 15 90min 32

    Nimbus | Single Drive | Long range Battery
    6.6 36 3h 32

    Nimbus | Dual Drive | Standard Battery
    7.1 12 90min 38

    Nimbus | Dual Drive | Long Range Battery
    7.6 30


    Halokee | Single Drive | Standard Battery
    6.3 15


    Halokee | Single Drive | Long Range Battery
    6.9 36


    Halokee | Dual Drive | Standard Battery
    7.3 12


    Halokee | Dual Drive | Long Range Battery
    7.9 30


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