Why turn to new electric vehicles?

There are reasons to turn to alternative ways of moving like the Elwing board. The most important to us is the pleasure. Indeed, one of the reasons of the creation of the brand is to transform ordinary commute in pleasant moments. Our board is not only a mode of locomotion, it is also a source of pleasure and exceptional sensations. Elwing boards offer an experience that cannot be found in other means of transport such as car, bike or motorcycle.  

Every day in France, more than 170 million trips are made. The diversification of modes of transport, especially with smaller vehicles, will reduce the average time of these trips. This diversification can also allow the decongestion of the road network. To date, the average travel time in large cities, for 4 kilometres is:

  • 27 minutes for a car
  • 18 minutes for a bus
  • 12 minutes for a bike

The New Individual Electric Vehicles, of which the Elwing Board is a part, are today the most optimized modes of transport in an urban environment. For example, the average speed of a car in Paris is 13 km/h, compared to 15 & 18 km/h for traditional bicycles and electrically assisted cycles.

Another strong point of our board is its very compact size. Indeed, its size and lightness allow the user to take the board everywhere. The board can represent the ideal tool, not to substitute, but to make the link between two modes of transport. Its compact size encourages the transport of the board, it finds its place everywhere: public transports, cars, trains and even two wheels for the more adventurous.

Finally, the ecological impact is an important feature of our product. The transition to new means of transportation such as the Elwing board tends to reduce our CO2 production. Today in France, 25% of our CO2 emissions are caused by transport. Nearly 40% of French daily trips are less than 2 kilometres long. These small trips, 2 times more polluting, could largely be carried out thanks to the New Electric Individual Vehicles, which do not release any substance harmful for the environment during the use.