Why choose a modular vehicle?

It is not necessarily easy to find the means of transport that perfectly matches our different needs, professional and personal. Because we are all unique and our daily lives are varied, at Elwing, we have chosen to offer vehicles that are fully modular. All the more so as mobility issues are at the heart of discussions today for economic, social and environmental reasons. So what are the advantages of such vehicles?

A vehicle that adapts

Whether it's our electric skateboards (Powerkit cruiser and longboard) or our electric bike (Yuvy), our vehicles adapt to your needs. Because on the same day, you can want to go for a ride, go shopping, pick up your child at school and bring your date home.

Yuvy Utility eBike

Therefore, you can configure our vehicles to your journeys, according to your needs, in full freedom. For instance, It is possible to choose a Long Range battery with a range of 30 kilometers if the path to your office is relatively long. You can choose the version of the skateboard approved or not on the road depending on your use. For our bike, it is possible to add accessories such as a luggage rack, baby seats, a central case as well as front and rear baskets if you have things to carry, a surf rack for the riders and much more.

Finally, it’s up to you to customize your vehicle so that it is completely adapted to your desires, fully personalized.

Who is upgradeable

Thanks to their many modular accessories, Elwing vehicles are also upgradeable. So you don't need to buy a vehicle back in the near future, you can just upgrade it with you. According to your constraints or your whims.

Our functionality and module combinations are endless. Are you moving to a more hilly area than before? You don't need to replace your electric skateboard with a new vehicle. You can simply change your single motor to a Dual Drive. A dual engine will allow you to climb hills up to 20%, accelerate and brake impressively. And vice versa of course since anything is possible, from a single basic product.

And therefore durable

Consuming in a sustainable and responsible way is a real issue in the current context. The means of transport and mobility in general represent a real problem for society. How to get around in a way that is efficient, comfortable, fun and ethical? At a time when many products are subject to planned obsolescence and force us to replace them regularly, we offer vehicles that are designed and built to last. Each new accessory that we produce does not make your vehicle obsolete but on the contrary increases the range of possibilities.

Also, all our modules are produced from high-performance, reliable components that are widely available on the market in order to facilitate maintenance. Our interfaces are standardized so that the assembly and disassembly of accessories are accessible to all. Even the less DIYers among us, we promise. To go further, and as part of an ever more sustainable approach, we also ensure the overhaul and reconditioning of your vehicles.


Choosing a modular vehicle is, at the end, an investment in the future. Whatever your evolutions, your changes of life, of trajectory, our vehicles will know how to adapt to your daily journeys. Without frictions to guarantee a real feeling of freedom while commuting. As a bonus, you will avoid the nervousness in traffic jams, the anxiety of being late in public transport and the stress of the parking space!