Where to buy an Elwing Board?

It often happens that we are asked where our board are available. Not surprising, as a young company, Elwing is only at the beginning of its development. However, since its creation, our team has struggled to multiply point of sale. Elwing is now distributed in many European countries. From Spain to Sweden, via France Poland or Switzerland, our boards have found a place in many shops.

The first solution to buy one of our boards is our website. Order your Elwing and have it delivered in 3 working days in France, or 5 workings days in Europe. Some shops also distribute our boards by the e-commerce way. We find in particular E-BoardStore website and EcoRush website.


Online sales have always been important to us. However, we appreciate that customers try the board before they buy it. That’s why we propose to all to try the board, thanks to the platform Demooz. This website allows to connect Elwing board owners with testers. It also permits you to order a board directly from their site after a test.

If you want to try and have the chance to live near Bordeaux, do not hesitate to come see us. One of the team members will be glad to invite you to test our boards. If you are interested, the Drugstore distributes our products right in the heart of Darwin.

When you do not live in Bordeaux, or close to a Demooz ambassador, then you can try the board at the Elwing dealer nearest you. To locate them, it’s easy, just go to the “find a reseller” section on our website. A regularly updated map shows all our resellers in Europe. You can also find them on our Instagram page in the “highlights”. We invite you to join us on our various networks!

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