TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Test the Nimbus & the Halokee with Demooz

Test the Nimbus electric skateboard or Halokee electric longboard with Demooz !

Suggesting to everyone to try our board is a key element for Elwing. Tests are available in all the shops that distribute our boards, but for a more personal experience, we suggest you to use the Demooz website.

The principle of this platform is simple: try a product before buying it, in real conditions and with a regular user. Demooz's slogan "try before you buy" perfectly reflects the group's willingness to allow everyone to try products before buying them. This context, which moves away from a commercial approach, allows the tester to get an opinion on the product, benefit from advice and opinion from a regular user, but also to meet people who share his passions.

To plan a test, nothing could be more simple: just go to the Elwing Nimbus product page or Elwing Halokee product page accessible from our website, contact the nearest demoozer, schedule an appointment and finally test the product! If you liked the test, you can order the board directly from the Demooz site.

If you already have an Elwing board and want to share your experience, the Demooz site is for you. Indeed, in addition to a very simple and optimized reservation system, it is easily possible to become an explorer. For this you just need to create an account and specify that you want to make people try the board. Once your account is created, you will receive an alert when someone wants to try it. All you'll have to do is set an appointment to allow your potential new mate to discover the board! Demooz will rewards you for each action on the site thanks to a points system allowing you to obtain gifts.