The best practices to maintain your Elwing Board

It has been established that wood and water often do not mix well. Like other skateboards, it is inadvisable to use the Elwing board in rainy weather, both in terms of safety : significant loss of adhesion, and on the material level : amplified natural use of components. Then from a more technical point of view, the battery box is not completly waterproof but only splash-proof. That is to say, it mostly support splashing and not a large volume of liquid. As a result, too much exposure to humidity will prematurely damage the electronic components. We therefore advise you to avoid practice on rainy or too wet days to maximize the life of the board.

The practice of skateboarding generally causes vibrations due to repeated shocks and sometimes to irregular asphalt. These vibrations are often cause of a partial unscrewing of the various nuts and bolts. Therefore, it is advisable to check once or twice a month to optimize the performance of your Elwing and move safely.

Bearings, indispensable component, also endure natural wear during practice. In order to avoid change, we advise you to separate the wheels from the trucks, remove the bearings from wheels and clean them. To do this you just need to apply a slightly damp cloth on them, individually. This maintenance depends mainly on your practice frequency : the more you ride, the more dust accumulates. You can complete the maintenance with an oil or a cream provided for this purpose. For example Bones Cream.

To conclude this register of the best-practices, we will approach the subject of the grip. Indeed this rough part is the perfect nest to house all the dirt collected by your soles before getting on the board. As we recalled in the preambule, it is inadvisable to put the Elwing Board in direct contact with water. So to clean his grip it is better to use specific products like Grip Gum

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