The transition to a more reasonable way of producing and consuming is now a major issue. At Elwing Boards we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

In this perspective, we first set up a recycling system. Moreover, thanks to the progressive internalization of all stages of the production, we limit intermediaries and thereby reduce our ecological footprint.

To go even further, with Back Market we've set up an alternative to recycling: the recovery of boards, followed by their repairing and repackaging. In addition to fighting against planned obsolescence, the issue is major in ecological terms. Indeed, each year, more than a million tons of electronic waste is generated, just in France. 

We now offer the choice of a refurbished electric skateboard whose reconditioning emits little pollution because it's mainly based on our workforce. We check the components, test the board, clean it and send it back for a second cycle!

Repaired & reconditioned boards are resold cheaper than new ones. With backmarket, there's a scoring system depending on the status of the refurbished product. The price is variable and decreasing depending on the state of the board:

  • Bronze : Reconditioned product by Elwing Boards. Has visible signs of wear. The battery keeps at least 80% of its original performance. Guaranteed 6 months.
  • Silver : Refurbished product by Elwing Boards. Presents some light traces, in perfect state of use.
  • Gold: Product used once, a very slight claw. Refurbished by Elwing boards and guaranteed 6 months.
  • Shiny: Never used product, in its original packaging. Refurbished and guaranteed by Elwing Boards.