We released our new model 'Nimbus' in November 2018. A singular and compact electric skateboard, designed for intense rides in urban environments. In addition to the many improvements that have been made to this new Nimbus, such as the new remote control or the new electrical system, the production of this model was an opportunity to take a new significant step in our development. We decided to manufacture our own electric skateboards in France (in Bordeaux) to internalize almost every stages of the production and guarantee the quality of our product.

We are now moving to a new level of development. We increased our production quantity and expanded our range with a new model: the electric longboard 'Halokee'.

To help us meet the challenge of larger-scale French production, we've collaborated a workforce support services facility (ESAT) based in Bordeaux. We're proud of this social & local initiative.

 Manufacturing with ESAT - February 2019