We design our products with passion and a high level of requirement. To guarantee the quality of our products, we internalize almost every step of the production and we constantly improve our products.
We observe users behaviors. These observations are our starting point and give birth to our functional specifications.
We design the products, test the prototypes in real conditions, refine each detail and establish our technical specifications.
We compare and select the best industrial partners and the best technologies. Technologies evolve constantly that's why we give ourselves the flexibility to use the latest technologies.
We manufacture our own products in Bordeaux to guarantee flawless manufacturing. We inspect each product manufactured before packing.
Manufacturing of the New Nimbus in December 2018.
We share the Elwing experience with our customers and our community. We sell our products online and in our network of selected resellers. We interact with our users and make ourselves available and responsive to ensure a seamless customer experience.
 We learn from each step to design ever better products. Our exchanges with our community give us the impetus to design our next products.
Mastering each stage of the production allows us to guarantee the quality of our product. We reduce the costs by limiting intermediaries and progressively lower the ecological footprint of our activity.