How to recycle your Elwing Board

The preservation of the environment and the waste recycling are now priority issues. Indeed, for both the state and the companies, recycling has become an essential element in the management of resources. A day will come, unfortunately, where you will have to separate yourself from a board at the end of his operational life. You will surely be confronted with the following question: What am I going to do with it?

Like our products we are very concerned by our impact on the environment. Therefore, we have set up a specific recycling circuit for old Elwing boards. When you need to separate from a board, we encourage you to return it by post or directly to one of our resellers. We also have to possibility to drop your old board in a Boulanger or Norauto. This will allow our team to separate the different components and send them to the correspond recycling line.

We can divide “waste” from the board into four categories: wood, plastic, battery and electronics. Each of these components must be collected and recycled in a specific way. Moreover, some waste will not be able to be revalued at 100%. So, we will have to dismount the board completely to be able to recycle it cleanly and send the components in the right channels.

Haroshi Dunks with used decks

Wood and plastic are two resources that have been recycled rather easily in recent years. These two components will follow an optimized recycling circuit that will lead to their revaluation. They do not lose any fundamental property or interest by being recycled and can be used as raw material during a new transformation. Some players in the board sports world have already planned everything. For example, Haroshi who transforms used decks into a piece of art, or Satori Wheels who sells recycled skateboard wheels.

The era of new technologies has resulted in a huge waste of electrical and electronic equipment. Since 2014, the state as set new regulations concerning their collection and recycling. These new standards will frame the management of batteries and motherboards of Elwing’s boards.

These components can be recycled but it is difficult to revalorise them. That’s why the state has accredited eco-organisms to manage these wastes. For example, Recyclum, Ecologic or  Eco-systèmes. The organisms will first clean the component, extract the reusable materials (precious and heavy metals) and finally destroy the rest, the most respectfully for the environment.