An on-demand repair service for the Yuvy electric bike

Whether we practice for leisure or more assiduously, our means of transports can be strained on a daily basis. However, we do not always have the skills to DIY our own electric bike and make the necessary repairs to get going quickly. For this reason, Elwing has established a partnership with Cyclofix.
The Cyclofix service
Cyclofix is ​​a company that provides you with a repairer who will come to your home, your workplace or anywhere else to repair your bike.
Whether you have a brake or tire problem, it is possible to estimate the cost of the repair. On arrival, no surprises since everything is included in the price: labor, parts and valuable advice from your repairer. You can also simply call on Cyclofix for periodic maintenance and thus prevent possible unforeseen events in the future. The service was born because the Cyclofix teams are convinced, like us at Elwing, that soft mobility represents the future of transport, especially in urban centers.
Since the goal is to avoid having to go to the store for a repair, it is possible to book a repair online or via the Cyclofix mobile application. Thanks to their expertise and their pedagogy, the qualified repairers save you trouble and wait, which is not negligible!
Namely, Cyclofix currently operates in fourteen major cities of France which are Lille, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Tours, Orléans and their surroundings. Other cities will soon open across France and even in Europe.
Our partnership
Thanks to our partnership, you can take advantage of Cyclofix services for your Yuvy, through Elwing. How does it work ?
You first contact us on the chat or through to explain us your needs.  We make a diagnosis (remotely when possible). We analyze if the problem is related to electronic or mechanical part.
If the problem is electronic and under warranty, it is very simple since it's our after-sales service that takes care of it.
If your repair concern the mechanical part, out of warranty, and if you live in one of the fourteen cities in which Cyclofix service is available, we will direct you to their teams. As seen previously, this includes braking, cables, transmission, general maintenance, or puncture and you can book your repair here. We're proud to be able to count on this partnership and ensure that you are never slowed down for very long.
Because our vehicles are modular, they are build to last. For this reason, regular maintenance and adequate timely repairs can ensure a long life for your electric vehicles. Thanks to our partnership with Cyclofix, it's even super easy to take care of your Yuvy, anywhere, anytime.