Get a financial bonus for your Yuvy !

Urban mobility has been one of the central themes of cities for some time now. The aim is both to relieve congestion on the roads, to reduce pollution and to allow everyone to commute comfortably according to their needs. For all these reasons, electric mobility is more and more popular and there's more and more users. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, you should know that you can take advantage of the electric bike purchase bonus of up to 500 euros from your city and add it with the help of the State (200 €) and the Region.
We explain you!

The Bike Purchase Bonus: What are the eligibility criteria in France?

First of all, the bike must be new and homologated. Our Yuvy electric bike, which complies with European standard EN15194, perfectly matches the characteristics of the bicycle for which you can get a bonus. Indeed, its battery is not made from lead, the engine power does not exceed 0.25 kilowatt and the top speed is 25 km/h. Then, you must be domiciled in the city where you are requesting assistance, be of legal age and have a reference tax income per unit less than or equal to €13,489.

You can find all the information about eligibility to get a financial bonus for your Yuvy e-bike on the government website.

State aid and territorial aid
You can benefit from the aid offered by your region or municipality on one hand. Then, it's possible to obtain state aid, up to €200. Thus, the three aids (State, Region, City) are cumulative. The terms of the bonus are specific to each city and can therefore sometimes be combined with other aid to reach up to € 500. This is the case in Lyon, Corsica, Île-de-France or even Rueil-Malmaison for example.

The application form
To take advantage of the Bike Purchase Bonus, you must apply to the organization concerned. For this you must complete the form and send it to the Services and Payment Agency (ASP). Your request for assistance must be made within six months of purchasing the bike and will lapse if you resell it the following year. Keep the vehicle invoice, which is obviously one of the documents to attach to the form.

Our guide
In order to find your way around, at Elwing, we have created a simple tool that details the amount of the Bike Purchase Bonus city by city. This takes the form of a European guide to purchase an electric bike which covers both France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. We make sure to regularly update this service with new locations.

The Bike Purchase Bonus is really a good way to take the plunge to go electric. However, if you are not eligible or if your community is not yet providing this type of assistance, don't panic. Indeed, there are other devices that you can benefit from, such as the Sustainable Mobility Package for example, which we present to you in another article.