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7 days left before the pre-order price expires !

7 days left before the pre-order price expires !

We have been working around the clock to make the E1-500 reach the highest level of quality, riding experience and reliability. This work was hard and we couldn't have done it without the support of the hundreds of people that joined the adventure by pre-ordering a board, following our news and encouraging us.

Offering a $-100 discount on the retail price is a way to thank all the people who supported us.

As we are finalizing the last steps and our shipping date is getting really close, we'd like to inform you that the discount price will end in 7 days (on June 1st).


Don't miss the chance to get your board before June 1st !

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E1-500 Elwing Electric skateboard


Elwing Boards Team


Shipping update #16

Shipping update #16
News from the team!
Since the last update we’ve taken a very close eye on the production of all the parts. The good news is that we received all of them ! Well, except the trucks, that are still in production right now.
Elwing compact electric skateboard shipping update
Gael checking the motors and electronic components.
Why the trucks take so long ?
We decided to redesign the trucks to increase the strength of the interface with the motor. To reach our expectations, we had to modify the truck axle. Now our truck is insanely strong but the truck axle is quite sophisticated and its production is very slow. This axle is the one reason why we are all still waiting. We make no compromise on quality and now that we tested the truck, we know we've made the right choice.
Last week, Quentin went to Barcelona for 3 days to produce photos and videos. The photos are amazing, and we are making a small video to share all the thrill of riding an Elwing Board. We can’t wait to share it with you!
Here are a few shots from behind the scenes :
Elwing compact electric skateboard Barcelona shoot
What’s the next step ?
Gael and the technical team are controlling the quality of all the parts, and they will start pre-assembling as soon as the QC is done. Quentin will join them in China early June to focus 100% on the final assembly (with the trucks), tests and quality control. Once we validate these final steps, we’ll be ready to ship !
We will keep you posted once we know the exact shipping date. Meanwhile, please check your shipping address and update it if needed!
Thank you for your trust and patience !!
Elwing Boards Team

Are Electric skateboards the best rideables ?

If you wonder if electric skateboards are really relevant for urban commuting, Fortune magazine explains pretty well why they can be better than electric bikes, kickscooters, hoverboards...


Weight is one of the reasons why electric skateboards beat the others, and we're proud to be the lightest so far.