How to Sync the Remote

Check the sync status of your board first :
  • If the Sync button on the board is off, it means the board is not paired with any remote.
  • If the Sync button on the board is blue, it means it is waiting for its paired remote to turn on.
  • If the Sync button on the board is blinking blue, it means that the board and the remote are paired and connected.

How to pair the remote with the board

    1. Switch off the board
    2. Switch off the remote
    3. Put the remote on "slow" mode
    4. Activate the "child safety"How to activate the Child Safe mode with the nimbus's remote (back view)
    5. Switch the board on
    6. Use a paper clip to push the "sync" button (within 15 seconds after switching the board on)Push the sync button on your board with a paperclip
    7. Use the remote to brake
    8. While maintaining the brake, switch on the remote and wait for 10 seconds 

You're good to go!



With the New Nimbus pairing the remote is now easier than ever !

- Press the power button of the remote for 2 seconds.

Press the power button of the board for 2 seconds.

- Check the remote/board pairing:

The connection will turn solid when the board is paired. If the indicator is blinking, check that the remote is powered on. If the light is still not lit, hold the remote's power button and the board's power button 4 secondes at the same time to pair your board.



Your board & remote have already been paired in the factory so you basically only need to do this when pairing to a new board or remote.