Where to ride your Elwing Board?

When you are using your Elwing, it can be difficult to know where you should ride. From treacherous and accidently sidewalk, deformed road occupied by bigger and faster vehicle or congested bike path. Despite of a legal vacuum relating to electric skateboards, there are some rules who list the best practices to users.

In the French driver’s manual, the article 322-1-1 stipulate that a motorised quadricycle which can ride at more than 25km/h, must be declared and have an identification number (number plate) to access public roads. Road traffic is theoretically prohibited. Nevertheless, our e-skate are not really qualified of motorized gear, among others because they are deprived of seats.

From a legislative point of view, electric skateboards are not recognized as means of displacement but as tools of leisure. As a result, there is no text yet in the highway code that governs our practice. So, we are simply considered as pedestrians when we use our boards. Belonging to the category of the New Individual Electric Vehicles, the Elwing can thus take the cycle tracks, the roads and the sidewalks.

However, this legal vacuum does not imply the absence of legal obligations. Indeed, a user of Elwing skateboard must conduct in the respect of moral sense, pedestrians and with caution. Let us not forget that in the case of this lack of legal text, our practice is only tolerated and implies a conduct and a responsible attitude in public places. The practice aims to be framed in the coming years, as well convey a good image! At least, the next article of the blog will talk about all the spots and areas to ride safely, stay tuned! 

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