Take care of your Elwing Board’s battery during cold periods

Lithium batteries are now the most advanced system particularly in terms of performance, lifetime and maintenance. This new process ended the era of charge memory that required users to fully discharge before recharging to prevent battery capacity from falling. Nevertheless, lithium battery suffer of temperature extreme. It’s a common knowledge that when a battery heats up, performances are decrease but cold as also a negative impact on our new generation batteries.

Chemical compounds present in a lithium battery are extremely sensitive to temperature variations, particularly when the thermometer falls below the 5°C bar. This sensitivity is reflected in a decrease in battery life or power. Therefore we will approach different techniques to maximize your Elwing Board's battery in case of cold period.

If the outside temperature does not prevent you from enjoying your Elwing Board, it is still necessary to adapt your behavior to the climate. The most important point when using your board during these periods when temperature falls below 5°C is to avoid the complete discharge of the battery. So the ideal is to maintain the average load around 80%, loading as much as possible his board. The board’s use will also be impacted by the climate. It is better to avoid using the battery at its maximum power, so it is advisable to limit the use of the sport mode during these periods, especially if the engine is cold.

In case the climate prevents you from using your Elwing board for a short period (from 1 to 3 weeks) we recommend you to store it in optimal conditions. In fact, it is important to always keep your board’s battery full and at temperatures between 15 and 20°C. Even when not in use, the battery discharges at 5 to 10% per month. This consumption is driven by the Battery Management System which regulates the different elements of the battery.

Finally, in the cas where, unfortunatly you can not use your Elwing Board for more than one month, we advise you to offer a complete recharge once a month, always after a full recharge before immobilization. This process will permit the BMS card to always keep control over the battery to avoid causing irreparable damage.

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