International electric skateboard spots map

In the previous article, you introduce you all the legal issues concerning our practice, particularly when our boards are only a way of transport. Nevertheless, our board isn’t designed only for commute. Indeed, there are a lot of Elwing riders who practice for fun and sliding sensations.

Many field can host a e-skate sport session. The most known are hard flat and uncrowded surfaces. Nevertheless, there are other spots, least well-known, but as pleasant. The NYC eBoarding collective has created a map that lists several electric skateboard spots.

This is a crowdsourcing map. This means that it involves the participation of practitioners to enrich themselves. So, everyone can, if they wish, share their favourite spots. It also lists recharge areas, skateparks and urban obstacles. The map is available directly on our website. You can participate in its development on the eBoarding site.

The development of e-skate brings together more and more organized communities like Elwing Board Riders. Sharing and team spirit are two key elements of the world of sport and bring many benefits to the practice. In particular by making the electric skateboard more human and less practical, by offering riders the opportunity to get together and experience real sporting moments, and not just utility transport.

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