How To Optimize Energy Consumption

The Elwing Board uses a regenerative braking system. In fact, this technology will charge your battery everytime you brake.

However, this system is optimized to collect energy from high-speed braking. As a consequence, when a rider uses the brake below 10 km/h, the regenerative braking will not be able to collect kinetic energy, but it will draw on reserves. To optimize your battery, we recommend to use the brake until 10 km/h speed and then use the footbrake method to stop the board. 

Like other means of transportation, the board requires a large amount of energy on a standing start. The use of the kickpush method will allow you to optimize your battery autonomy. Start by pushing will help you to avoid over-consumption of the standing start.

The footbrake and the kickpush allow riders to save energy and optimize their battery range.