Frequently Asked Questions - EBike

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YES ! Your Yuvy bike is IP65 splash proof and dust resistant.

The YUVY has been designed for an urban use (on paved roads or cycle paths). This e-bike can occasionally be used on gravel or unpaved roads in good condition. However, it’s not made for jumps and off-road use.

It’s not an obligation but wearing a helmet is highly recommended.

Unfortunately, you can’t because the battery of the bike doesn’t meet the allowed capacity on board. IATA just allows you to carry batteries under 100 Wh in cabin.

In most countries, electric bicycles are treated similarly to regular bicycles. The same regulations apply and e-bikes do not require a separate license.

Yes, a key allow you to lock your battery.


The Yuvy bike is made with standards components so that you can fixed it on any bike shop. If you’re looking for maintenance tips, you can check out the user guide.

The battery is the heart of YUVY. By following a few simple rules, you can extend its lifespan. Here are a few tips :

Things that can reduce the lifespan of your battery:

  • Storage at over 30° C
  • Prolonged storage in a fully charged or discharged state.
  • Electric bike parked in the sun.

Things that can prolong the lifespan of your battery:

  • Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20 ° C
  • Storage with a charge level between 30 and 60%
  • Electric bikes parked in the shade or in cool rooms.

The samsung battery is guaranteed to have a minimum residual capacity of 70% after 2 years (or 500 complete charge cycles).

No, but it can be recycled.